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Basia Bańda

Zderzak Gallery, Floriańska 3

22nd February - 31st March 2007





"English Lessons" is Basia Banda`s second solo exhibition at Zderzak. Last year`s display featured her pictures of various media, and this time we shall see her watercolours. Basia Banda graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 2006, and lives in Zielona Gora. Last year was a very successful one for the young artist - she had a few solo exhibitions, her painting gained recognition on the national scene, and was repeatedly commented on by the Polish critics. Banda`s Krakow exhibition was the subject of a polemic in the pages of "Gazeta Wyborcza." The German press also reported on her subsequent exhibits in Munich, and at the Art Forum in Berlin.

Zderzak Gallery has prepared a real delicacy in print - a 148-page album of Basia Banda`s watercolours, entitled English Lessons. This is the young painter`s personal dictionary - it includes 111 colour reproductions of her watercolours put in alphabetical order according to the English words and their Polish translations.

What first catches the eye here, apart from the pure beauty and visual elegance, is the all-penetrating eroticism. The pages of Basia Banda`s dictionary are brimming with naked male and female forms, painted lightly, as signifiers, with but a few strokes of the brush. Only their sexes - their nipples, vaginas, penises, cavities and bulges - are rendered with more attention to detail. Some anatomical details are disproportionately large with regards to the rest of their bodies - like in children`s drawings. The figures in Banda`s watercolours love and fight with one another, perform strange gestures, and reveal their most intimate feelings. They are sometimes accompanied by animals - some of which resemble real fauna (hares, dogs, deer), some seemingly taken from children`s colouring books, still others exist as little more than muzzles or claws, growing out of human bodies as if unawares.

Echoing the subject matter, the colour scheme of Basia Banda`s work is carnal and sensual. Banda`s watercolours - painted with superficial nonchalance and lightness - show off the young painter`s talent and outstanding technique. Her work bears comparison to that of artists like Marlene Dumas and Nancy Spero. We have before us the whole spectrum of colours of the human body, starting from transparent and fleshy beiges, through pale pinks and smeary browns, to deep purples. This dominant colour spectrum is complemented with bright greens, blues and blacks. The subtle watercolour patches work in contrast with the explanations of the English expressions scrawled in crayon.

For obvious reasons, Basia Banda`s "English Lessons" is restricted to adult viewers only.

Please attend the opening of the exhibition on 22 February, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.


Basia Banda (born 1980). Graduate from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Lives and works in Zielona Gora. Her work is found in private collections in Poland, Germany and Austria.







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