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Monika Chlebek

20th February - 29th March 2014

Zderzak Gallery, Florianska 3

Opening: 19th February at 7:00 pm



Ball lightning, alien hand syndrome, Wojtek the Bear, the madness of King George, white dwarves, a story of chess players shedding weight, and many others... Monika Chlebek`s micro-narratives draw their subject-matter from physics and astronomy, from political history and the history of customs; they speak of inventors and inventions, of mysteries which remain unsolved. Which really happened and which merely come from the artist`s imagination? Monika takes us on a walk along the fine line between the real and the probable. She draws our attention to the less evident and conclusive side of things; stripping them of their natural surroundings she readies us for astonishment - and for an encounter with the bizarre. She switches contexts, plays with conventions, and experiments with eclectic forms; She poses riddles, pokes fun at science, and parodies history - and she makes marvelous concoctions. There is no such thing as a single, universal truth about reality, she seems to concur with the postmodernist philosophers. There is nothing like "truth" as such any more. There are a thousand different truths, or rather, possibilities to choose from. Have a look for them; you`ll find some of them at the Ball Lightning and Other Tales exhibition. Come join us.



Monika Chlebek, Dream, gouache, collage on canvas, 12 x 15 cm, 2013, Zderzak Gallery


Born in 1986 in Krakow. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2011). Lives and works in Krakow. One of the New Surrealists. Prior to receiving her diploma she made her debut at Zderzak Gallery, taking part in the “Moon Hostel” (2009) exhibition. Next year her first solo exhibition “Bad Dreams” was held at Zderzak. The album accompanying her 2011 exhibition “An ant Deep in Your Clothes” is a collector`s item.

She deals with painting, drawing, collage and animation films. Chlebek had been awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport with an artistic residence in Vienna. She also participated in the Tokyo and Osaka Art Fairs as well as in Taipei. In 2012 she won a prize in the Polish Young Art Competition (Legnica).


Exhibitions in Zderzak:

2009 "Moon hostel" 

2010 "Złe sny"

2010 "Mambo Spinoza"

2011 "O dziwnych uczuciach"

2011 "Blue Velvet"

2011 "An Ant Deep in Your Clothes"

2012 "Zaczekaj! Nowe nabytki do kolekcji Zderzaka"

2012 "No logo"