Monika Chlebek

   Dawid Czycz

   Stefan Gierowski

   Ryszard Grzyb

   Zbigniew Makowski

   Jadwiga Maziarska

   Jaroslaw Modzelewski

   ㄆkasz Stok這sa

   Monika Szwed

   Janusz Tarabula

   Danuta Urbanowicz

   Andrzej Wroblewski

   Jurry Zielinski

   Erwina Ziomkowska

ㄆkasz Stok這sa


Zderzak Gallery 7.12.2018-9.2.2019


Opening friday, 7 December at 7 pm.


The gouaches were painted during September 2017 and November 2018.



What will we find at the exhibition?
In September 2017, struck by the Architecture of the Night exhibition where we displayed Janusz Tarabu豉’s gouaches of the 1950s, ㄆkasz Stok這sa began painting small pictures in gouache on cardboard. Work in the new technique was a true success. Almost all these views are European landscapes – sprawling, seen from a lofty perspective, or intimate, mysterious, fragmentary. Venice, Vienna, Naples, Pompei, Casserta, Kew Gardens, Versailles… We see different seasons of the year, times of the day and night, various cities and gardens. What draws our special attention is the quantity and subtlety of the luminous effects, seldom found in contemporary painting. Stok這sa’s marvellous technique will come as no surprise to those admirers of his painting who know that he is inspired by Gerhard Richter and David Hockney. This views are painted from his imagination, without consulting photographs, they are autonomous painting solutions that announce a new phase in the artist’s development. The title pertains to “100 Famous Views of Edo” by Utagawa Hiroshige. We will be showing several dozen new works at the exhibition.
The Catalogue
The One Hundred Views exhibition is accompanied by a collector’s catalogue with a preface by Geneviève Bernard and Gaston Vieux, in fifty copies numbered and signed by the artist. This is a catalogue raisonné of all the gouaches painted from September 2017 to late November 2018. As Dr. Vieux notes: “Looking at Stok這sa’s pictures can be as soothing as the old Dutch pictures: woolly trees, translucent seas, the suggestion of an infinite aerial perspective. And when you are calmed and have surrendered to the mood, you conclude that it has all been woven from disquiet.” Come one, come all!


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