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Monika Szwed

Born 17 April 1978 in Poznan. Studied at the Academy of Fine Art Poznan. Graduated with a diploma in Artistic Education under the supervision of Prof. Alicji Kepinska, as well as from the Multimedia Department under the direction of Prof. Piotr Kurka. Winner of the 3rd edition of the MLODA POLSKA scholarship program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She received an Award of Art&business magazine at 8. Eugeniusz Geppert Competition. Her work is to be found in private collections in Poland, Germany, the USA and Great Britain.

Combining pictorial and drawing qualities, Monika Szwed’s compositions are marked by photographic characteristics while employing strategies based on paradoxical associations that blend the world of fears and dreams with reality. The works create the impression that visual referents are sought in old family albums, containing a great deal of posed pictures. The body of her work enchants us with its subtle manner, spiritual balance, and mastery of drawing and color. The huge areas of unpainted background allude to the aesthetics of Far East, in which incompleteness represents an open framework/opening for interpretation. In Zen Buddhism the paradox of the void/emptiness that is complete was symbolised by an empty circle. Cut out by hand and serving as a background, the circles combine the perfect, the complete, and the eternal (the form of the circle) with the single, the personal, the ephemeral, and the vulnerable (the human gesture).


Exhibitions at Zderzak:

2005 "23 koany"

2006 "Innocent Homes"

2006 "No Landscapes"

2007 "Frozen Charlie"

2008 "Botanika na klasy wyższe"

2009 "Moon hostel"

2012 "Już"

2013 "przestępne lata"

2014 "You`re Innocent When You Dream"


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