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Danuta Urbanowicz

She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 1957. She studied both sculpture and painting under Jacek Puget, Adam Marczynski, Czeslaw Rzepinski and Jonasz Stern. In 1956 she exhibited with artists, who later made “Nowohucka Group”. Her artistic activity corresponded to Art Informel. She made her pictures and collages using sundry crude, poor and shabby materials and objects. From 1961 she belongs to the “Cracow Group”. Her first and last period of creation was considered the problem of “paintings without painting”, which was called “structural painting”.

In 1993 Zderzak Gallery organised a retrospective exhibition and published the folder “Danuta Urbanowicz. Obrazy”.

Exhibitions in Zderzak:


1993 "Obrazy"

1993 "Nowe obrazy"

2000 Malarstwo materii 1958 - 1963

2011 "Komunikat. Ostrzezenie"

2013 "Identyfications 68"

2013 "The Minister Disapproved of Such Statements or Metapolitics"


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