Ryszard Grzyb

He was born in 1956. Outstanding painter and drawer, and co-founder of the fameous Gruppa – the most well-known Polish art collective of the 80`s. In the eighties Ryszard Grzyb made spirited tempera paintings on cardboard, large-format, expressive compositions. His work back then fell in line with the Neue Wilde movement and was an ironic ad sometimes even obscene response to the political climate of the time. At the start of the nineties Grzyb`s art crossed from expression to more decorative compositions. Animal figures composed in multicoloured mosaics began to dominate his canvases.

Zderzak Gallery published in 2007: Ryszard Grzyb, „Puszcza” („Wilderness”), a 200-page album with 120 reproducions of the artist`s works on paper.

As a result of cooperation between Polish Institute in Sofiya and Zderzak Gallery, in March 2013 drawings and watercolours from the “Wilderness” cycle wandered to Bulgaria (institutpolski.org).

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Exhibition in Zderzak Gallery:

2007 "Wilderness"

Publications connected to author:

"Puszcza (z autografem Artysty)"