Zbigniew Makowski

Born in 1930 in Warsaw. In 1956 he graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In 1962 he went to Paris where he became acquainted with Andre Breton and surrealists, participating in a few exhibitions of the international group “Phases”. As a master of hidden signs and symbols, adherent of mysterious sciences, cabalist and lover of poetry, Makowski creates works offering a rich repertoire of iconography. The artist’s texts woven into the painting are integral part of it and indissolubly combined with the image.

Zderzak Gallery published four uniqur books about Makowski: „Florilegium” (1998), „Tabula itineraria” (2001), „Recolens priora vestigia” (2003) and „15.IV.1959. Afele panta” (2008), fascimile of an artistic book.

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