ARCO 98 – targi sztuki

12 – 17 lutego 1998; Madryt, Hiszpania


Born in Myślenice, 1965. Graduated from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Lives and works in Cracow. Represented by Zderzak Gallery.

Jaros is considered as one of the most important Polish artists of the 90`s who also emerge rapidly on the international art scene. Besides his participation in many exhibitions in Poland, his works have been put on show in several renown art institutions abroad, such as Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin or Ludwig Museum in Budapest (one man show). In 1996 he was the only Polish artist to take part in the “Central Europe Contemporary Art” exhibition in Tokyo and “Manifesta I” in Rotterdam. Some of his works are part of the collection of the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and Budapest.

After painting, Jaros started exploring the field of installations. Today he is combining the techniques of photography and installation. Fascinated by the problem of perception, he started making big black-and-white pictures of people in empty, neutral spaces, almost represented like “objets trouves” (“Umarmen”).In his installations the photographs are accompanied by hiperrealistic human-size sculptures. The tension is not only created by the perverse perfection of his works but also by the constant flow of invisible and unconscious interhuman messages, communications, sometimes cruel games.

Selection Individual Exhibitions
1992 The Armchair from which Fluid and Attachment Arise, Zderzak Gallery
1993 Temple of the Artist`s Soul, Zderzak Gallery
Premonitions on the Road, Bucklein Theatre, Cracow
1994 Umarmen, Zderzak Gallery, Krzysztofory Gallery, Cracow, Kronika Gallery, Bytom
1995 Umarmen II, Zderzak Gallery Urschleim, Miejsce Gallery, Cieszyn You Are in Me and I Am in Him, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
1996 Umarmen, Ludwig Museum, Budapest Middleman, Zderzak Gallery
1997 Auction of Names, Krzysztofory, Cracow
1998 Modern Hero, Zderzak Gallery
Selection Group Exhibitions
1989 Dialogue, Nürnberg
1990 Baltic Countries Triennale, Vilnus 1993 Construction in Process, Lodz
1995 New Fs for New Years, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1996 Analysis and Commentary. Central European Contemporary Art (with Ivan Kafka and Peter Forgacs), Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo Art in Poland: New Directions. Center for the Arts, State University of New York at Buffalo
Manifesto I. Rotterdam
1997 Novalog, Berlin