Modern Hero

Piotr Jaros

16 stycznia – 20 lutego 1998; Galeria Zderzak, ul. Floriańska 3, Kraków

Jaros is one of the few younger generation artists who is commenting on the current Polish transitional period. He is interested in the „psychological reality” of this time.

Our Modern Hero – how does he look? What is obvious is: the ironic title and the three elements of the installation each having its own symbolic meaning:

– „levitating” bed, suspended from the ceiling („Bed for the New Man”)

– a large scale fish can, „playing” the famous „Pandora`s Box”, placed under the bed

– and the allegorical scene referring to the exibition`s title, on a huge photograph (160 x 260 cm) titled „Modern Hero”.

What does it all signify together? What is today`s modern hero like? If you look for the answer come to Zderzak Gallery.